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Cool-Ven embraces your busy lifestyle by providing innovative portability and convenience.

Our cold insulated, soft-sided meal bag with a detachable heating chamber is sure to elevate your next eating experience while on-the-go.  


Heating times will vary from 45 minutes to one hour depending on the starting temperature of your meal and density of the items being heated.

Unzip the top cover, place your heat-safe container inside the heating chamber, and zip the lid closed.

Plug the cord into any 110-volt receptacle and allow the internal element to heat your meal to your desired temperature.

Once your meal has reached your desired temperature, simply unzip the top lid and enjoy!

About Cool-Ven

Birth of the Cool-Ven Concept Cool-Ven was born out of necessity; the need to make daily nutrition more portable and enjoyable while on-the-go.  Taking its styling and basic functionality cues from the “meal prep” industry, Cool-Ven combines the portability of a soft-sided and cool insulated meal prep bag with the convenience of a meal heating method in the form of a separate, insulated and detachable meal heating chamber attached to the top of the unit with a robust zipper.  This simple concept is an industry first and will soon become the ultimate standard for meal portability.  Unlike what is currently available on the market, the Cool-Ven concept has married two essential, home-bound appliances (refrigerator and microwave) into one convenient package making it the first of its kind.

Features Cool-Ven features tough woven fabric outer panels with a (three 28oz. meal) cool insulated lower chamber, mesh pockets, and a spill-resistant liner.  Attached to the top of the bag is a removable (zipper) insulated compartment which houses a 120-volt electric heating element (w/ a 48 inch. cord) designed to reach temperatures of 210 degrees Fahrenheit, a perfect temperature for your meals on-the-go.  The element is designed to be compatible with flat, microwave-safe containers, both glass, and plastic.  A side mesh pocket with an elastic lip has ample space for a full-sized, 24 oz. shaker or water bottle.  The rear of the bag has a convenient luggage attachment strap for sliding onto your collapsible suitcase handle which adds ease to carrying your meals with you during travel.  Directly behind this strap is a slim Velcro pocket for storing your travel documents, ID’s, etc.  A secure zipper pocket on the side of the bag has both mesh and fabric, elastic pockets along with a slide lock key hook for your key ring.  The bag is finished off with two handles and one adjustable shoulder strap.  Should you decide to detach your heating chamber, there is a second handle on top of the cooling chamber which makes it convenient to use your two Cool-Ven compartments individually.

Functionality Cool-Ven’s main function is to be a portable, insulated cooler bag and insulated heating chamber for meals ready to heat-and-eat on the go.  Never before has the “portable meal containment industry” been able to master this kind of functionality and design, until now.  Cool-Ven’s main goal aims to decrease or eliminate the challenges of making your meals more enjoyable while on-the-go simply by applying heat to your food while away from your normally available appliances. Benefit Cool-Ven customers benefit from a single portable unit designed to store AND heat your meals on the go.  Other meal transport devices miss the mark simply because they’ve chosen to focus on the cooling or heating factors alone.  Cool-Ven has mastered both in one sleek, functional, and transportable bag making it a better option for those who would rather carry one product versus two.  Currently, the “portable meal market” has similar offerings but in separate products (not an all-in-one unit like Cool-Ven) ranging in price [collectively] from $129.99 to $149.00, retail.  Cool-Ven has brought to market a superior product, both in quality and functionality, for a 20 to 25% retail cost reduction, compared to competitive (2) products.

Health Benefits Of Hot Meals Cold foods have a detrimental effect on the digestive system and they slow down metabolism which hinders weight loss. For people concerned with their weight or with weight loss hot food is the way to go.  Eating warm food often brings more satisfaction than cold food. The thermogenic (warming) effect slightly increases the temperature in your brain so you feel more satisfied and happy with your meal sooner. Again, this is beneficial for those concerned with their weight and/or weight loss. Industry Usage- Cool-Ven has chosen to focus our reach not just on one target market but instead, the entire market of on-the-go individuals and professionals.  In today’s fast-paced society, we are finding all walks of life who are facing challenges of taking their nutrition with them and making it more enjoyable by being able to apply heat to their food.  A hot meal can almost always change a person’s attitude for the better creating a more productive and profitable society.  For these reasons, we at Cool-Ven feel that any of the listed markets and fields below can find a way to utilize our product to make their daily lives better for themselves and for those whom they engage with.

Some of the fields and industries using Cool-Ven today:
Fitness Minded Professionals
Outdoor Enthusiasts
On-the-Go Sales Professionals
Industrial Manufacturing and Field Workers
Healthcare Professionals
Truck Drivers
Athletes and Traveling Sports Teams
Working Professionals
Fire/Life/Safety Professionals
Hunting and Fishing Enthusiasts

A black Cool-Ven tote bag