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Tips Staying Motivated to Eat Healthy

1. Create measurable goals that will help you get to your overall large goal. For instance – I will eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, incorporate leafy green veggies into 3 meals a day, drink at least 1 gallon of water daily, etc.

2. Keep a journal. This is extremely helpful to track how much you’re eating – sometimes you don’t realize how many small bites here and there add up.

3. Delete processed junk food out of your diet by adding nutritious whole foods.

4. Skip the pantry and head to the fridge. No one really keeps a lot of processed foods in their fridge because they’re usually self-stable. When looking for an afternoon snack, stick with something from the fridge.

5. Try new foods. Eating steamed broccoli and chicken every night can get old. Look for new healthy recipes. I know a good place for recipes. 😉

6. Support from your friends and family. When you hit a wall, look to family and friends for support. Make sure you are selective with that group. Negative Nancies are no Bueno.

7. Team up with a friend and hold each other accountable for eating healthy.

8. Eat every 2-3 hours. This keeps your metabolism running and also makes sure you don’t get ravenous and end up eating whatever is in sight. Eat meals, not snacks.

9. Keep nutritious foods on hand and ready to eat. Preparation is the key to eating healthy! Having fresh vegetables and fruits, lean protein, healthy fats, and smart carbs each week is super helpful. Make big batches of roasted veggies and brown rice or quinoa at the beginning of the week. (or visit LeanFeast)

10. Get those tempting foods that trigger you to overeat out of the house. If the tempting foods are already in your house because someone else bought them, put them away in a (high) cabinet is helpful. Out of sight, out of mind.

11. Always bring a healthy snack with you.

12. Eat and enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. Deprivation tends to backfire so if you really want a treat, then eat and enjoy it. It will help your mental status and your drive. Remember you didn’t get unhealthy from a few meals. You’re not going to get healthy from a few meals.

13. When going out to eat, look at the menu for the restaurant online. Deciding beforehand what healthy options, you’re going to get can be helpful, so you’re not tempted by unhealthy options once you’re there. In some cases, bring your own meal if you feel you can’t find anything on the menu.

14. Don’t let one set-back keep you from working toward your goal. Don’t get down on yourself if you slip-up -just make sure your next meal is a healthy one!

Bowl of healthy foods including greens and lentils