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Financial Wellness and the Benefits of Meal Prep

Do most people think meal preparation is costly but is meal prep really as expensive as you think? Shopping, preparing, cooking, and storing your own meals can be time and money-wasting if done incorrectly and without a plan, but meal prep does not necessarily mean expensive. Factor in the time it takes from beginning to the end of the meal prep process and ask yourself how much is your time worth? First, you have to grocery shop and that in and of itself is a task alone. Then once your home, you have to unload the groceries and wash and prep your produce all before starting the actual cooking process. All this assuming your goal is to cook your food for the entire week in one go, and still this process takes hours from start to finish. Maybe cooking everything for an entire week sounds daunting to you and you choose to cook your food fresh before each meal. How much time does it take to cook an individual meal each evening, let alone for breakfast and lunch? And we haven’t even mentioned clean up time yet!! Either method has tallied up HOURS of work. So, what happens when you are too tired to cook after a long day at work or you’re sick of the bland crockpot chicken you made Sunday and it’s only Tuesday? Most of the time people turn to convenience, aka fast food. This is where your wallet starts to really suffer, not because the heavily processed “food” is expensive, but because you’ve already paid for your meals for the week and that food is sitting at home not being eaten! Cue the alarm for feelings of stress and guilt. By not being adequately prepared you have just dug a deeper hole into your wallet and hurt your health simultaneously. Ouch. Now you have a few options: a) learn to cook appetizing and nutritious meals with enough variation so you don’t get bored or b) visit your local LeanFeast shop and have all your meal prep needs managed. By choosing LeanFeast you lose the stress and time waste of grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up. Bye-bye is the feeling of guilt from double-dipping into your food budget and in return, you’re a happier, healthier, and more productive human. At LeanFeast we take the time to balance and weigh all your meals to your individualized specific needs. You leave knowing every meal is tailored to your liking. No thinking. No stress. No overspending. No groceries wasted. Just heat it and eat it.

In summary, professional meal preparation saves money and time, lowers unwanted negative feelings of stress and guilt, reduces food waste, and ensures nutritionally dense meals. Taking these facts into consideration and with an average meal price of $7.99, it seems that LeanFeast meal prep is a no brainer! Take Sunday away from the grocery store and give it back to the family and stay prepared for the week by ordering online for pick up or delivery or visit us inside LeanFeast and watch your meals be made fresh before your eyes.

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