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Lean Feast takes great care in the service we provide and how well you are treated. We listen to what you have to say and apply it to the way we operate our business, EVERYDAY. If you don't believe us, then review what others have shared about their interactions with Lean Feast. If you have something to add, we invite you to give us feedback by clicking on the link below and write up a brief summary of your experience and quality of food. You can even take a picture. We would love this!

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Just started with lean feast a few days ago, and OMG am I surprised! I didn't know clean eating could be so delicious! The staff is very friendly, no judgement, and they help you get started if you have never done meal prep like this before, which I never have. I was nervous walking in and Rachel helped me out my first time, she made things super easy and made me feel comfortable.It's simple as choose a protein, a carb and a veggie and that's it. The food is really good, the Asian tri tip is to die for! And the pancakes are so yummy! Wide variety of different foods so you don't get bored. I feel positive that I can stick with this! You can order online or pick your food up there. They make it so easy there is no excuse! This is something I needed! I have been working out so hard 6 times a week and I am not seeing the results I should I am hopeful that lean feast clean eating will help me get to my goals!

I am a planner and will typically prepare my weeks meals in advance but with two little kids and a full time job I am not always successful at having my meals prepped for the entire week. Enter Lean Feast, the process is straightforward and easy, the food is good, and you get exactly what you want. No weird secret sauces or dressings that make you wonder about their contents. This place has clean, delicious meals that you can run and grab. Highly recommend!

I've been a customer of Lean Feast since the beginning and seen a lot of changes over the years. One thing that never changes is the quality of the food served and the level of customer service. I challenge you to go to the store and have a meal, while you're there count how many people come and go, and of them take notice how many the staff know on a first name basis. You will be treated like family and your loyalty will not go unnoticed.

You've earned my business for life!

Got a recommendation from my trainer to check this place out. Clean, fresh delicious food. Portions are just perfect for someone looking to eat right. My favorites are the steak and Asian chicken.

I've been trying to eat right and work out the past couple of years but never got a good momentum going until lean feast. This place is a million dollar idea They offer balanced portions of everything you need to build a healthy body. My wife and I are finally seeing the fruits of our labor in the gym by eating clean with lean feast The staff is engaged and always present. Initially the flow and set up was daunting, I wasn't sure where to order or form a line, I didn't know why the menu was so diverse and wasn't aware of lots of options on the menu but once I've gotten into the swing of things this is my absolute favorite To Go spot


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